Maggie VS Johnny's & Everything Shitty In Between

I've had maggie
You've got Johnny's
I've had bundle tee
You've got Zara in skinny
This is my harsh reality
You pampered princess
Your life's so easy
Sad and hungry
A combination that so not gonna destroy me
Infact, we're friends so dear
Friends won't betray each other
Bites of hunger never bleed neither hurt
Infact, it stays with me
In rough times of pain and agony
Look at that
Rich kids seen everywhere
At Pavilion, Star Hill in designer wear
Flaunting money their papa got
Riding cars their mama bought
While I'm sittin' in this shitty bus
Overworked, I looked so disgust
Back at home
I live by packets of instant craps
Yellowy bits of curly plastic carb
Who cares a lost little girl like me
Who has nothing but poems and lullaby
Tell me
How could a girl survive
In this mercilessly unfair world?
When everything she had
Shattered at the very threshold?
You know what?
Everytime I look at inside of me
I see death gleaming happily
I'm surprised for I often thought
Didn't death always looked gloomy?
Oh please
Do not say you know how I feel
You won't 'cause neither do I
A fate so cruel in a world so ill
So, just let me perish... and die.

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