When ( A poem by @JamalJonerd )


(part i)
When i showed to you my fondness,
you said that i'm full of dumbness,

When i told to you that you were my sunshine,
you sat back and sounded with a whine,

When i spent my time and gave you a call,
you labelled me as a pitfall,

When i was trying hard to make you smile,
your grunt could be heard from a mile,

When i made my move to win your heart,
you told me that you not in peart.

(part ii)
When my feeling started to deteriorate,
you just waited and in the mood to celebrate,

When i decided to leave you alone,
suddenly u behaved just like being hit by a cyclone,

When i picked up my heart that broken,
u said that your heart being shaken,

When my tears just started to dry,
your eyes just started to cry,

When i decided to walk away,
only then .. u said that .. "you took my heart away..."

***Beautiful, touching lines from a friend in twitter. Dear @JamalJonerd, it's an honour for me to have your poem published in my humble blog! Enjoy!

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